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Bamboo Flooring in Lady Lake, FL

Bamboo flooring is a sustainable, exotic and beautiful option for flooring. Bamboo’s look resembles the classic and timeless hardwood while being much friendlier on the environment. Bamboo is a replenishable plant which means that even after bamboo is harvested, new plants continue to grow in the same place.

Bamboo flooring is made up of strips coated with a protective seal. This seal minimizes scratching and adds durability to the floor. Bamboo has great dimensional stability, and while hardwood expands or contracts based on moisture levels, bamboo is 50% less likely to change. After all, bamboo grows in the rainforest! It’s no wonder it can withstand a moist climate.

Bamboo is resilient and stands up well to heavy furniture or dropped objects. Bamboo will bounce back from dents without causing permanent damage.

The strips of bamboo have unique spots and notches that really make the flooring stand out and will make any room unique. Bamboo is available in a lot of finishes that are sure to match any color scheme, style and taste.

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